#1 Forgive

Want to get well? I do. And I have found that the #1 priority to my living well is for me to forgive others. I must forgive people who have hurt me in the past and people who are hurting me now!

I live well not because I “earned it,” but because I accept my wellness as a free blessing from God. But there is one condition. Just as God has forgiven me for my offences against  Him, I must forgive every person who has hurt me or is hurting me now. Unconditionally.

Not for any contrition or recompense they have given me, but proactively.

There is only one way that is possible.  I must accept and allow myself to be a conduit for His love and forgiveness for all people.

This is the strange wonder of God’s world. It is in giving we receive. It is in forgiving we are forgiven by God.

There is “stuff” from some of my family and from some of my friends that hurts. I don’t understand it. Some now and some in the past. I don’t understand but it does not matter. My #1 priority is to UNCONDITIONALLY FORGIVE.  As I do, God’s universe unfolds a blessing of wellness into my life regardless of my material condition.

In my life there are some friends and some family that have “unfriended” me.  I have no idea of any specific offense I have given them.  But following this rule I have forgiven them. Now the debt of unforgiveness is upon them and has consequences. Sad.

Make forgiveness your #1 priority for wellness,


Photo credit: My cousin Harvey George

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# 42 The Energy of Love

We may be getting older and losing some of our energy. But there is something about the energy of love we need to remember. Let me tell you a story about my friend Bob from several years ago.

There is no practical rationalization of Bob and his provision of firewood to me. There are many people in life that we may know that are acquaintances. But there are precious few that are truly friends.

Over a period of ten years both Bob and I were in financial difficulty, each for our own circumstances. At that time I was living on Quaker Hill, upstate New York. Knowing that I was continually short of hard cash, Bob took on the assignment to gather cut, split, deliver and stack up firewood for me to use in my wood stove. He did this as a gift to me. The firewood saved me megabucks in fuel oil. I do not know how I would have avoided possible bankruptcy without his gift of firewood.

But Bob was an old geezer like me. He could not move too swiftly anymore, especially on the very physical tasks of dragging logs out of the woods and making firewood. There were a lot of young bucks in our area that had all sorts of equipment and lots of energy and make a living providing economical firewood for country folk like us. Even so, I would not have been able to afford their prices. On the other hand, Bob took about four times as long to deliver a cord of wood, and the effort he put into it was almost certainly ten times that of a commercial woodman.

What’s the wood worth that Bob gave me?

What’s it worth? The wood is nothing! Sure, I appreciated the wood, but it was the loving kindness of his gift that mattered. He struggled day after day to get the wood to me. That is something nobody can pay for! It came from his heart. It is priceless!

Now, what did I have after I burned up the wood? Not just ashes. There was something else remaining from Bob’s loving kindness. Something that did not burn up with the wood.  You can’t see it or touch it.

There is a quotation from The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery where the Fox tells the Prince, “It is only with one’s heart that one can see clearly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Bob’s thoughts of loving kindness began somewhere, were in our here and now for a moment, and then went somewhere that has no space or time. They are forever. The thoughts have in fact been multiplied. They were good when he had these thoughts, but when I received the gift of them and the wood, they were multiplied. I had thoughts of loving kindness myself.

And now I pass them on to you, my Biddies and Geezers. By your deeds you can pass them on. Multiplied.

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#9 I Stole $89,620.12

For an 85 year old Geezer like me, the Internet has been a blessing. I live alone, but with my laptop and smartphone I am in daily contact with friends and family all over the country. Actually all over the world.  But there is a problem.

There is a culture of crooks on the internet whose occupation is stealing money from people like me. (And you.) The thing is somebody in a grass hut in the Philippines with a laptop connected to the internet can get into your computer and then into your bank account and rob you blind. It happens every day.

So, we Biddies and Geezers must make sure that we have the right kind of security protection on our devices that will detect and stop viruses, worms, Trojan Horses and other malware that the crooks use to steal our money.

I wrote a little book, “I Stole $89,620.12” to warn Biddies and Geezers. It’s fiction, but it could happen. My purpose is to give you an example of the type of thinking that can get you scammed and flimflammed out of your money. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary English is full of words concerned with trickery and deception, ranging from the colorful “flimflam,” “bamboozle,” and “hornswoggle” to the more mundane “deceive,” “mislead,” and “delude.” Flimflam” is often used specifically to refer to swindling someone out of money. The ultimate origin of “flimflam” is uncertain, but the word is probably of Scandinavian,

Anyway, there is a lot of it going on. My little book is available on Kindle for $0.99. (Free if you have Kindle Prime.)

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#11 Don’t Fix Your Friends

My dear Biddies and Geezers, I now share with you wisdom I just learned at 85. “Don’t fix my friends.” The people I call my friends have sifted down to a precious few. Some earlier friends and family have died. Some earlier friends and family have moved out of my circle for their own reasons. Like a hat blown away in the wind. Those that remain are precious to me.

Oh yes, my circle has changed. There are some new friends that have been attracted to me … and there are family and friends from the past that have reentered my life. The keywords here are “attraction,” and “change.”

hat blows away pastel

This is what I have learned to do. I live in the moment and focus on “good” that attracts me. I don’t struggle to reject “bad” that caused problems in my past. And gradually, effortlessly, in the present moments, “good” displaces “bad.” The Karma of the Universe mysteriously works its way. While I am never “perfect,” always flawed, I am always moving toward the “good.”

My friends have flaws that sometimes annoy me. Struggles by me to “fix” the flaw would be employing the negative energy of “rejection.” Bummer. I am attracted to the positive energy in their lives as they are to mine. As I am attracted and move toward the “good,” they may be attracted to follow me. I have learned to stay with the positive energy of “good” and if they follow, “good.” We are never perfect but always on the journey toward Nirvana.

Am I giving you advice? Not at all! I just am saying what works for me. I am powerless to “fix you.” But you have the power to follow the attraction of good remembering Happiness is not the fruit of a feeling but a feeling that is the result of your choice.

I have not written a book on this subject. So I just suggest a book you might enjoy, “Miracles from Benefit Street.”