Daily Prompt: Narcissism

For Biddies and Geezers a daily dose of a little narcissism can give us a better life.

Narcissism is an elevated opinion and love of our bodies and ourselves. It can be the antidote for the common belief that “Life’s a bitch and then we die.” A belief that seems to be coming true as our body and mind seem to deteriorate a little more with each passing day. That small elevation from reality can make a profound difference when it manifests as a measure of hope that we can and will be better.

Just that small dose of the difference between what we are and what we can become acts magically on our body and mind delaying or reversing the decay of age. I know this is true because it happened to me. And is still working.

The facts? I am in better health and better physical condition than I was ten years ago … even though I have been through several emotional trials including the loss on my wife of many years. And I have asthma and COPD that severely limit my physical activity. A daily dose of a little narcissism and a routine of forty minutes of Tai Chi have made the difference.

As we get older, our encouragers thin out. Friends move away or die off. Family is good but they are usually busy with their own stuff. We need to become our own best friend and encourager. Yes we need to love ourselves, in whatever condition we are in. A little narcissism? Why not if it gets the job done?

A little book I wrote,”Battling the Birches,” gives the Rx I use each morning to gently love myself into shape for the day. A better day for a Geezer like me.


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#14 No Preaching

I will try to have no preaching in Doug’s Blog for Biddies and Geezers. There are plenty of people who live to preach to others to get them to do something. I learned No Preaching when I was a little boy, 7 years old. It was a hard lesson for a little boy of seven but it has stuck with me (mostly.) Here is how it went down:

Even at 7 years old I was pretty serious about “God Stuff.” And I was chosen to recite a spiritual poem praising God at a meeting of the entire congregation of my church in Eltingville, Staten Island, New York. Great … but there was a problem.

I had just lost a couple of baby teeth and there were gaps in my mouth. Those gaps caused my speaking voice to have a definite lisp. A pronounced lisp. Words like “lisp” would sound like “lithp”, but I soldiered on. I stood before the congregation and began reciting the poem from memory and as my lisp sounded out to the congregation, there began a few snickers and giggles from the audience. But I continued on. I was determined they “get the message.”

But as I “lithped” on, the giggling grew louder and finally I could not help myself, I interrupted my recitation. I shook my 7 year old fist at the audience and said to the entire congregation, “Be quite and listen! This is important!” The room erupted with thunderous laughter at the cute little boy with a lisp trying to preach.

Years later people who were there remind me of that night. None remember the message of the poem. They only remember the ridiculous spectacal of being preached at by a very flawed little boy. When I am tempted to preach these days, I remember that although I am still flawed in many ways, maybe I can use my flaws to help illuminate the message rather than diminish the messenger.


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#11 Don’t Fix Your Friends

My dear Biddies and Geezers, I now share with you wisdom I just learned at 85. “Don’t fix my friends.” The people I call my friends have sifted down to a precious few. Some earlier friends and family have died. Some earlier friends and family have moved out of my circle for their own reasons. Like a hat blown away in the wind. Those that remain are precious to me.

Oh yes, my circle has changed. There are some new friends that have been attracted to me … and there are family and friends from the past that have reentered my life. The keywords here are “attraction,” and “change.”

hat blows away pastel

This is what I have learned to do. I live in the moment and focus on “good” that attracts me. I don’t struggle to reject “bad” that caused problems in my past. And gradually, effortlessly, in the present moments, “good” displaces “bad.” The Karma of the Universe mysteriously works its way. While I am never “perfect,” always flawed, I am always moving toward the “good.”

My friends have flaws that sometimes annoy me. Struggles by me to “fix” the flaw would be employing the negative energy of “rejection.” Bummer. I am attracted to the positive energy in their lives as they are to mine. As I am attracted and move toward the “good,” they may be attracted to follow me. I have learned to stay with the positive energy of “good” and if they follow, “good.” We are never perfect but always on the journey toward Nirvana.

Am I giving you advice? Not at all! I just am saying what works for me. I am powerless to “fix you.” But you have the power to follow the attraction of good remembering Happiness is not the fruit of a feeling but a feeling that is the result of your choice.

I have not written a book on this subject. So I just suggest a book you might enjoy, “Miracles from Benefit Street.”




#12 Silliness Deficit Syndrome

Biddies and Geezers can get immunity from from the rampant social disease of Silliness Deficit Syndrome. Simply recite the following Rx every day for a week. For best results read it to another of any age. Here it is:
Secret research at Mousetrap, Minnesota, has determined beyond the glimmer of a doubt that a debilitating disease has deleteriously effected most of the population of the United States.
Silliness Deficit Syndrome, a malignant crippling malady, is rampantly raging among the cognoscenti and spreading out from this elite population to even the upper levels of the hoi palloi. But not, however, among the lumpen proletariat who seem to be immune.
Awareness of this serious threat to society first appeared when secret interviews were conducted on the Harvard campus of members of the New Ashmolean Society and the Student’s Conservatory Band.

Ligatures on the free expression of silliness by the political classes have been extant historically. And there have always been strictly enforced bans in primary and secondary education as well as in business. The business community is perniciously prejudiced against licentious laughter.
Sesquipedalian tomes critical of any politically correct student activism are now unacceptable and discouraged on the campi of universities.

While egalitarian insipidness is still tolerated, any slippage into subjective silliness concerning the behavior of protesting persona is condemned as treasonous. It is in this atmosphere that unexpected consequences have developed and are now becoming pandemic. The malady of Silliness Deficit Syndrome has become enteric and almost incurable. It requires immediate and uniquely surreptitious and clandestine action by all who love freedom.

The health and sanity of the entire earth is now in danger of the loss of laughter. Forever. Resulting in the extinction of homo sapiens, leaving the planet to be managed by the monkeys or their uncles.

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#4 The Happiness Two Step

Hey guys and dolls! I’m happy today. Why? I did my Happiness Two Step. But … this morning I should be unhappy. I woke up, put on my sippers, went into my kitchen, and made an omelet. Only two minutes in the microwave with a plastic omelet dish. I made toast while it was cooking and boiled water for instant coffee. Into a large ceramic cup I put a heaping teaspoon of sugar and a heaping teaspoon of instant coffee, poured in 8 oz. of boiling water and a generous splash of milk.

Then … bummer! My hand slipped, brushed the cup, and it fell off the counter and smashed to pieces on the floor, coffee spreading out and splashing my slippers. Full disclosure … I loudly uttered an expletive. But then I quickly went into TIME OUT!


So … in TIME OUT I kicked off my slippers and put my bare feet into penny loafers. Then I got my sponge mop and let it absorb the coffee on the floor, squeezing it out and rinsing it out in the toilet. Sweeping up the shards of the cup with a dustpan and broom and then TIME OUT was over. Now it was time to start the day over … with THE HAPPINESS TWO STEP!

Step One … I decided to live in the very moment. The past no longer existed in the NOW. Hmmm … no more cups in my cupboard. So I grabbed a glass measuring cup with a handle, dosed it with sugar and coffee and completed the brew with boiling water and milk. And joy! There on the counter was my still warm omelet. With the omelet and coffee I sat at my little table and and then …

Step Two of the Happiness Two Step.  JUST DECIDE TO BE HAPPY!

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#6 Disciplines and Routines


Good Morning to my Biddie and Geezer friends and followers. Know this: I need to be a free spirit. These days I live alone in an eight story apartment building. It’s good I’m alone because my work habits would drive a roommate crazy. My morning usually … but not always … starts a 2 AM.

It did today and with a cup of sweet coffee with a heavy dose of milk. In Rhode Island they call it coffee milk. Now I type these words to publish on my blog to you. Some days I am up in these wee hours stitching sentences together for a story I will publish as an e-book on Kindle. At 5 AM I may have breakfast … then go back to bed and sleep for a couple of hours. Or not … as the spirit moves me.

However great for the creative spirit it is to live without discipline and routine, there is a problem. Knowing how I live, my friend Pam once gave me a gift, a board to hang on my wall. A large “button” was drawn on the board with a black marking pen. Around the button were these words:

Push button to call maid

If maid does not come in one minute

Do it yourself

Well … there is no maid. So, to keep my apartment livable I need to do it myself. And there was no one to tell me to clean and mop the floor, take out the garbage, do the laundry and other chores that need to be done for a comfortable life. We Biddies and Geezers share a problem as we add on years. Short term memory occasionally fails. Like we set something down and then spend an hour looking for it. Or forgetting that we have not done a chore to keep our apartment clean and orderly.

Nobody lived with me to remind me of these things and I did not want a housekeeper to come in and do them. The exercise was good for me. Then suddenly I had a great idea.

I took out a sheet of paper and my oil pastels. I created the following oil pastel of a cat named “Meow.”


I mounted it on my wall and it looks at me … balefully … and it jogs my memory of thing I really need to do. The disciplines and routines that keep my little world going. And then I can still be a free spirit … free and happy … and not get an attitude like if some human were bugging me.

Hey … works for me.

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#7 No Stress


If you haven’t figured this blog out … it’s about what I think and do. What I think and do may not be right for you. Hey … lots of things I think and do are not right for me. But as a certified Geezer … I can get away with it most of the time.

My friend Julie was frustrated by a couple of things and she suggested I write a couple of posts on stress. So here we go. (She actually said, “Some things are giving me a pain in the arse.” Julie is a certified Biddy who lives in Tucson, Arizona.

I live in the Boston area where there are a lot of medical schools making a plethora (a $50 word for a bucket full) of medical studies. The results of one study has been suppressed. The conclusion of the study was”


Drinking 2 or 3 glasses of wine a day

Increases the chance of your

Not giving a s***!

I have followed that regimen (only a $2.50 word in Boston) for several years since my friend Pam got me hooked on wine. She taught me that a glass of wine is far more than a simple dose of alcohol… Even a simple screw cap bottle may contain a liquid whose enticing aroma, complex chemistry, and eye-pleasing color can transport my mind and body to an awareness of only the very present moment. Erased are the stresses from thoughts of the past or the future. If I allow it.

I’m not going to list the many destructive things stress can do to your body. Nor some of the things that cause stress like health, family, neighbors, and work … oops I said I wasn’t going to list them. Just the absolute truth that in the very moment … they do not exist. But I will say that my daily tested recipe for shrinking my experience to the very moment is a glass of wine. Getting me to that point in time where “I don’t give a s***.”

But there is beauty. Sunshine. As my friend Pam says, “A day without wine is like a day without sunshine.”

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#3 My Waistline

Doug’s Blog for Biddies and Geezers

I can hear my readers saying, “Hey Doug … this is #3. Where is #2?”

Well … #2 is still in my black and white marbled composition book. Not ready for prime time. #3 is. So here it is!

#3 My Waistline

Rats! I need to do something about my waistline. Some of my pants are too tight … can’t button them closed.  I tried an emergency measure. I bought a pack of “button extenders” so I could get the pants to button. But hey … that’s not a real solution.

But I can’t be too bad (yet), ‘cause some of the Biddies in the morning coffee hour still put their hands on me. LOL.

Now magazines and the internet are full of ads selling plans or pills that “guarantee” to take pounds and inches off my gut in a couple of weeks. Some of them even claim to increase my testosterone at the same time. And of course there are the plans for starvation diets. Just cut the calories.

Oh, and about calories … just substitute some synthetic chemical sweeteners for sugar right? No thanks!

But there are other articles that approve of what I’m eating. Well … sort ot. Hey … what I eat and drink makes my life enjoyable. I like coffee and (despite the sugar) they say it’s good for me. I refuse to drink chemicals instead of real sugar. Maybe I could use a ½ teaspoon instead of a full one for an 8oz. cup. And wine? I like a glass with lunch and dinner. Lots of articles proclaim red wine not only good for me but despite the calories aids weight loss.

So if I decide to keep those calories in my diet I need to increase my calorie burn. More exercise! I can minimize stuff like pasta and potatoes but not eliminate them. And I will keep my slice of buttered gluten free toast with my meals (sometimes instead of any other starches.)

So that’s the plan. Burn more calories with more exercise… I’m too sedentary and more exercise will tone up my muscles. So my plan is to do that and monitor my weight hoping to lose ½ to one pound a week.

This talk about waistlines and food reminds me of my story:

A Test for Tough Tess Taylor. Click on the link below and read it:


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#1 The Beginning

Good Morning to my Biddie and Geezer friends and followers. I’ve just finished breakfast and am looking at the sun shining on the view outside my sliding glass doors. I’m south of Boston and the city skyline is in view with the sun shining some of the windows of the tall buildings turning them into walls of shining gold.

By deliberate choice, I ignore that I was “unfriended” by someone last week. This is the key to this blog, folks. This blog is about Living Well. My joy is based on NOW. And now is a new day. My stomach is satisfied. I’m sharing now with you, my friends and followers, and after Tai Chi exercises and a shower, I will go downstairs to the community room where L*** will host coffee and doughnuts for the residents of the building.

After that, I may take my rolling cart on the bus to a downtown store where I will buy a few bottles of wine. My friend, Pam (not her real name), introduced me to the benefits of wine. There are several very real health benefits. Later blogs will talk about these. But for today I share Pam’s motto, “A day without wine is like a day without sunshine.”

So, about this blog. It’s about sunshine. Sunshine in our souls. Today. It’s about feeling good and living well for Biddies and Geezers like me. It’s not about advice for “Senior Citizens.”

Regardless of your health. Regardless of your past relationships … past history. It’s about living well TODAY.

In that spirit … you will see my next blog when you see it. While I may (or may not) write every day, I will publish the next blog when I feel it’s right. My goal is to LIVE WELL and share that with you.‘Till the next blog, Shalom from Doug.

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