#30 When “Good Enough” is Good Enough: Wine

Questing for the superior or the elegant is a healthy activity for the young. Learning there is a difference between “good” and elegant is wisdom that must be learned firsthand. The quest is profitable if it brings awareness of the cost of going from “good enough” to elegant.

It is true that a qualified wine expert can distinguish between a “good” wine and an “elegant” wine in a blind taste test. But ask the expert to describe the difference will get you a muddle of non-quantitative descriptions. The vintner can be quantitative about the cost and effort and expertise he expended making the wine elegant. But the fruit of that extra endeavor is ephemeral.

In the real world the purpose of most wine is to complement the enjoyment of food in a meal. The subtle difference is masked and Good Enough is as said, good enough. By the time you and I are Biddies and Geezers we should have gained the wisdom to appreciate good enough. No?

Well, my friends if not then learn today and be ahead of the elegant pretenders for the rest of your life.

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