#31 Run Away


There are times for all of us when there seems to be only one solution to the day’s problems. RUN AWAY.

Oh by the way. Some of you might have noticed that this is # 31. What happened to #30? Well … there are several number blogs I started but did not finish … yet. I ran away. Until I could face what needed to be done to put it online to you. I just ran away.

And … I’ll bet there are days that you wake up and feel like just running away. . LOL.

I watch old reruns of “Frasier” and he sometime “runs away” to someplace like Bora Bora, spending a pot full of money. Yvonne, a Biddy friend of mine says, “I am not going into old age quietly!” and last week she ran away to go parasailing. Great. But I can’t spend the money to go to Bora Bora … and I don’t need the excitement of parasailing. But I often need to run away … just get out of Dodge. Here’s what works for me:

I take the subway to the Amtrak South Station in Boston. It’s a busy place. People are taking busses and trains to destinations all over the country. Departure times and track numbers and a PA announcement regularly gives departure and track information. There are dozens of fast food venues and a sit-down restaurant.

I like to get some coffee and food and then go up to the mezzanine where I can get a table, enjoy my meal and watch the action below. I am out of my empty apartment and surrounded by people of all descriptions on their own adventures and it inspires me. Sometimes I bring my marble composition book and start writing a new story.

So … are you feeling blocked, frustrate, fearful, angry, whatever? I recommend running away for a bit. If you can afford Bora Bora … fine. Want the excitement of parasailing ,,, Ok. Or jest a new scene like South Station which works for me, just do it. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

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