Daily Prompt: Narcissism

For Biddies and Geezers a daily dose of a little narcissism can give us a better life.

Narcissism is an elevated opinion and love of our bodies and ourselves. It can be the antidote for the common belief that “Life’s a bitch and then we die.” A belief that seems to be coming true as our body and mind seem to deteriorate a little more with each passing day. That small elevation from reality can make a profound difference when it manifests as a measure of hope that we can and will be better.

Just that small dose of the difference between what we are and what we can become acts magically on our body and mind delaying or reversing the decay of age. I know this is true because it happened to me. And is still working.

The facts? I am in better health and better physical condition than I was ten years ago … even though I have been through several emotional trials including the loss on my wife of many years. And I have asthma and COPD that severely limit my physical activity. A daily dose of a little narcissism and a routine of forty minutes of Tai Chi have made the difference.

As we get older, our encouragers thin out. Friends move away or die off. Family is good but they are usually busy with their own stuff. We need to become our own best friend and encourager. Yes we need to love ourselves, in whatever condition we are in. A little narcissism? Why not if it gets the job done?

A little book I wrote,”Battling the Birches,” gives the Rx I use each morning to gently love myself into shape for the day. A better day for a Geezer like me.


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