#11 Don’t Fix Your Friends

My dear Biddies and Geezers, I now share with you wisdom I just learned at 85. “Don’t fix my friends.” The people I call my friends have sifted down to a precious few. Some earlier friends and family have died. Some earlier friends and family have moved out of my circle for their own reasons. Like a hat blown away in the wind. Those that remain are precious to me.

Oh yes, my circle has changed. There are some new friends that have been attracted to me … and there are family and friends from the past that have reentered my life. The keywords here are “attraction,” and “change.”

hat blows away pastel

This is what I have learned to do. I live in the moment and focus on “good” that attracts me. I don’t struggle to reject “bad” that caused problems in my past. And gradually, effortlessly, in the present moments, “good” displaces “bad.” The Karma of the Universe mysteriously works its way. While I am never “perfect,” always flawed, I am always moving toward the “good.”

My friends have flaws that sometimes annoy me. Struggles by me to “fix” the flaw would be employing the negative energy of “rejection.” Bummer. I am attracted to the positive energy in their lives as they are to mine. As I am attracted and move toward the “good,” they may be attracted to follow me. I have learned to stay with the positive energy of “good” and if they follow, “good.” We are never perfect but always on the journey toward Nirvana.

Am I giving you advice? Not at all! I just am saying what works for me. I am powerless to “fix you.” But you have the power to follow the attraction of good remembering Happiness is not the fruit of a feeling but a feeling that is the result of your choice.

I have not written a book on this subject. So I just suggest a book you might enjoy, “Miracles from Benefit Street.”




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