#4 The Happiness Two Step

Hey guys and dolls! I’m happy today. Why? I did my Happiness Two Step. But … this morning I should be unhappy. I woke up, put on my sippers, went into my kitchen, and made an omelet. Only two minutes in the microwave with a plastic omelet dish. I made toast while it was cooking and boiled water for instant coffee. Into a large ceramic cup I put a heaping teaspoon of sugar and a heaping teaspoon of instant coffee, poured in 8 oz. of boiling water and a generous splash of milk.

Then … bummer! My hand slipped, brushed the cup, and it fell off the counter and smashed to pieces on the floor, coffee spreading out and splashing my slippers. Full disclosure … I loudly uttered an expletive. But then I quickly went into TIME OUT!


So … in TIME OUT I kicked off my slippers and put my bare feet into penny loafers. Then I got my sponge mop and let it absorb the coffee on the floor, squeezing it out and rinsing it out in the toilet. Sweeping up the shards of the cup with a dustpan and broom and then TIME OUT was over. Now it was time to start the day over … with THE HAPPINESS TWO STEP!

Step One … I decided to live in the very moment. The past no longer existed in the NOW. Hmmm … no more cups in my cupboard. So I grabbed a glass measuring cup with a handle, dosed it with sugar and coffee and completed the brew with boiling water and milk. And joy! There on the counter was my still warm omelet. With the omelet and coffee I sat at my little table and and then …

Step Two of the Happiness Two Step.  JUST DECIDE TO BE HAPPY!

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