#6 Disciplines and Routines


Good Morning to my Biddie and Geezer friends and followers. Know this: I need to be a free spirit. These days I live alone in an eight story apartment building. It’s good I’m alone because my work habits would drive a roommate crazy. My morning usually … but not always … starts a 2 AM.

It did today and with a cup of sweet coffee with a heavy dose of milk. In Rhode Island they call it coffee milk. Now I type these words to publish on my blog to you. Some days I am up in these wee hours stitching sentences together for a story I will publish as an e-book on Kindle. At 5 AM I may have breakfast … then go back to bed and sleep for a couple of hours. Or not … as the spirit moves me.

However great for the creative spirit it is to live without discipline and routine, there is a problem. Knowing how I live, my friend Pam once gave me a gift, a board to hang on my wall. A large “button” was drawn on the board with a black marking pen. Around the button were these words:

Push button to call maid

If maid does not come in one minute

Do it yourself

Well … there is no maid. So, to keep my apartment livable I need to do it myself. And there was no one to tell me to clean and mop the floor, take out the garbage, do the laundry and other chores that need to be done for a comfortable life. We Biddies and Geezers share a problem as we add on years. Short term memory occasionally fails. Like we set something down and then spend an hour looking for it. Or forgetting that we have not done a chore to keep our apartment clean and orderly.

Nobody lived with me to remind me of these things and I did not want a housekeeper to come in and do them. The exercise was good for me. Then suddenly I had a great idea.

I took out a sheet of paper and my oil pastels. I created the following oil pastel of a cat named “Meow.”


I mounted it on my wall and it looks at me … balefully … and it jogs my memory of thing I really need to do. The disciplines and routines that keep my little world going. And then I can still be a free spirit … free and happy … and not get an attitude like if some human were bugging me.

Hey … works for me.

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