#7 No Stress


If you haven’t figured this blog out … it’s about what I think and do. What I think and do may not be right for you. Hey … lots of things I think and do are not right for me. But as a certified Geezer … I can get away with it most of the time.

My friend Julie was frustrated by a couple of things and she suggested I write a couple of posts on stress. So here we go. (She actually said, “Some things are giving me a pain in the arse.” Julie is a certified Biddy who lives in Tucson, Arizona.

I live in the Boston area where there are a lot of medical schools making a plethora (a $50 word for a bucket full) of medical studies. The results of one study has been suppressed. The conclusion of the study was”


Drinking 2 or 3 glasses of wine a day

Increases the chance of your

Not giving a s***!

I have followed that regimen (only a $2.50 word in Boston) for several years since my friend Pam got me hooked on wine. She taught me that a glass of wine is far more than a simple dose of alcohol… Even a simple screw cap bottle may contain a liquid whose enticing aroma, complex chemistry, and eye-pleasing color can transport my mind and body to an awareness of only the very present moment. Erased are the stresses from thoughts of the past or the future. If I allow it.

I’m not going to list the many destructive things stress can do to your body. Nor some of the things that cause stress like health, family, neighbors, and work … oops I said I wasn’t going to list them. Just the absolute truth that in the very moment … they do not exist. But I will say that my daily tested recipe for shrinking my experience to the very moment is a glass of wine. Getting me to that point in time where “I don’t give a s***.”

But there is beauty. Sunshine. As my friend Pam says, “A day without wine is like a day without sunshine.”

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