#3 My Waistline

Doug’s Blog for Biddies and Geezers

I can hear my readers saying, “Hey Doug … this is #3. Where is #2?”

Well … #2 is still in my black and white marbled composition book. Not ready for prime time. #3 is. So here it is!

#3 My Waistline

Rats! I need to do something about my waistline. Some of my pants are too tight … can’t button them closed.  I tried an emergency measure. I bought a pack of “button extenders” so I could get the pants to button. But hey … that’s not a real solution.

But I can’t be too bad (yet), ‘cause some of the Biddies in the morning coffee hour still put their hands on me. LOL.

Now magazines and the internet are full of ads selling plans or pills that “guarantee” to take pounds and inches off my gut in a couple of weeks. Some of them even claim to increase my testosterone at the same time. And of course there are the plans for starvation diets. Just cut the calories.

Oh, and about calories … just substitute some synthetic chemical sweeteners for sugar right? No thanks!

But there are other articles that approve of what I’m eating. Well … sort ot. Hey … what I eat and drink makes my life enjoyable. I like coffee and (despite the sugar) they say it’s good for me. I refuse to drink chemicals instead of real sugar. Maybe I could use a ½ teaspoon instead of a full one for an 8oz. cup. And wine? I like a glass with lunch and dinner. Lots of articles proclaim red wine not only good for me but despite the calories aids weight loss.

So if I decide to keep those calories in my diet I need to increase my calorie burn. More exercise! I can minimize stuff like pasta and potatoes but not eliminate them. And I will keep my slice of buttered gluten free toast with my meals (sometimes instead of any other starches.)

So that’s the plan. Burn more calories with more exercise… I’m too sedentary and more exercise will tone up my muscles. So my plan is to do that and monitor my weight hoping to lose ½ to one pound a week.

This talk about waistlines and food reminds me of my story:

A Test for Tough Tess Taylor. Click on the link below and read it:


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